The Advantages Of Robotic Joint Surgery For Your Knee Replacement

Combining Robotics And Medicine

Knee pain can reach the point where surgery is the best option for long-term relief. An orthopedic surgeon will suggest a partial or total knee replacement. What might come as a shock is that the surgeon will also bring up robotic joint surgery. Some patients will feel unsure about a robot performing the surgery, but this is not the case. Robotic joint surgery is merely an extension of the surgeon, combining robotics and medicine for exceptional results.

Here’s why you need joint surgery

Most knee pain sufferers have arthritis, which is the wear and tear of the cartilage that protects the joint. This cartilage can cause long-term pain and discomfort as the bones rub together when moving. In some cases, surgery may be necessary due to chronic pain from a previous injury. The goal of surgery is to remove the diseased cartilage and bone, then install prosthetic parts. A surgeon will perform either open surgery or minimally invasive surgery. Recently, robotics has improved the effectiveness of minimally invasive surgery.

What’s robotic joint surgery anyway?

With robotic joint surgery, an orthopedic surgeon can use a special robotic arm to perform the surgery. The device uses imaging technology and CT scans to create the exact dimensions of the joint. This mapping happens beforehand, helping the surgeon to plan for the procedure effectively. From there, the robotic arm guides the surgeon during surgery based on the generated image. The robotic arm is not autonomous but rather an extension of the surgeon. As a result, both patients can doctors can benefit in several ways.

Enjoy incredible speed and accuracy

Knee replacements started as open surgeries, meaning the surgeon would make a large incision on the knee. Today, minimally invasive surgery uses smaller incisions and arthroscopy, increasing speed and accuracy. Robotic surgery takes things to another level. With a pre-planned image, the device helps control the positioning and alignment of the prosthetic joint. That means surgeries can happen faster and are more accurate.

The robotic arm closes the experience gap

Orthopedic surgeons have extensive training and experience in joint replacements. However, some may be more skilled in performing particular surgeries than others. There’s also the chance a patient can encounter a relatively new surgeon. While the surgeon will replace the knee successfully, there’s still a chance for errors. The robotic arm guides the surgeon, giving more confidence to all parties. As a result, there are increased focus and success rates in less experienced surgeons.

Reduced risk of infections

With robotic arm surgery, the doctor will use minimally invasive means. That means smaller incisions and less blood loss. The accuracy of the robotic arm improves infection rates even further. Many robotic arm surgeries happen in ambulatory surgical centers, where infection rates are almost non-existent. Combined, the recovery rates increase, and the rate of complications decreases significantly.

Bionic-like recovery

Surgery is just the start of reducing pain and improving mobility. Knee replacement needs a comprehensive recovery plan that includes pain management and physical therapy. Because of the accuracy of robotic surgery, recovery rates are much faster. Studies show that the recovery rate can improve by as much as 50%. The implant can also last much longer as patients report high satisfaction rates.

Enjoy the robotic joint surgery advantage

Having a robot as part of the surgical team can sound daunting. Yet, this device improves the accuracy and speed of the surgeon. There are also smaller incisions and faster recovery. In addition, the replaced joint can significantly improve the quality of life. Speak with a doctor or orthopedic surgeon about all surgery options.


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