3 Reasons To Consider Minimally Invasive Robotic Total Joint Replacement

It’s Time For Joint Replacement

Thanks to arthritis, injuries, or simple wear and tear, more and more Americans are suffering from severe joint pain. Damaged hip and knee joints can prevent movement, severely impacting the quality of life. Each year, surgeons perform hundreds of thousands of joint replacements. With joint replacement, the original bone and cartilage are replaced with an implant. The increase in surgeries has also brought about innovative procedures like minimally invasive robotic total joint replacement.

Call in the robots

Minimally invasive surgeries have been around for decades. The surgeon will use 2 or 3 buttonhole incisions, and a unique tool called an arthroscope. The scope has a camera and light attached to give a high-quality view. Today, surgeons and scientists have added robotics to the mix. A robotic arm connected to a unique computer helps the surgeon in 2 ways. First, the machine maps out the surgery in advance, outlining the location for the implant with fantastic accuracy. Then, a robotic arm guides the surgeon to place the replacement in the exact location. Robotic total joint replacement may be the right choice for millions of patients. Here are 3 reasons why.

1. Pain management options have failed

Despite the thousands of surgeries that happen every year, millions more do not need surgery. For joint pain, non-surgical techniques generally work well. For instance, a doctor will apply techniques like NSAIDs, physical therapy, or steroid injections. Some patients may also benefit from infusions of platelet-rich plasma or PRP. However, if these fail after several months of ongoing treatment, robotic surgery may help.

2. Joint pain has severely affected your life

Over time, joint pain can become excruciating. Some people suffering from joint pain have trouble performing simple tasks like standing and bending. Walking long distances or lying down for extended periods can also prove challenging. Joint pain can severely impact the quality of life. Many joint pain sufferers avoid social events, family gatherings and lose money from lack of employment. If the cost of pain is too much to bear anymore, consider joint replacement.

3. You’re looking for low risk, high reward surgery

With any surgery, there is some degree of risk. However, robotic joint replacement surgery is one of the more promising techniques. Minimally invasive robotic surgery means minor incisions, which decreases the chances of infection, bleeding, and complications. The surgical time is also cut drastically, meaning the patient can leave the hospital or ASC the same day. Robotic joint replacement also has a faster recovery and some of the best success rates. That means even the most skeptical patient will get the best possible procedure around.

Get hip to robotic surgery today

Whether hip, knee, or another joint, consistent joint pain can severely impact the quality of life. With robotic joint replacement surgery, patients get the best of technology and surgical techniques. Unfortunately, patients can only sustain managing pain and avoiding activities for so long. At some point, there needs to be another solution. Robotic surgery brings fast procedures, minimal risk, and quick recovery. Speak with an orthopedic surgeon about total joint replacement today.


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