Will Nipple Location Change After Breast Augmentation? 3 Common Changes From Implants

Breast Augmentation Means Changes

The very concept of breast augmentation means significant change. The patient may be dissatisfied with the current size of the breasts due to aging, pregnancy, genetics, or previous surgery. Breast augmentation installs silicone or saline implants or transfers fat to increase the size of the breasts. After a short recovery, women will have larger breasts with an improved profile. Breast size is not the only change to expect. Nipple location and sensation, as well as the shape of the breasts, can also change with implants.

1. Nipple location

Based on factors like genetics, breast ptosis, and breast tissue, nipple location varies in each patient. After breast augmentation, the nipple location may or may not change. Women with previously sagging breasts will typically see the nipples rise to a more central position. The implants provide more size and fullness, which will shift the location of the nipples. Chances are these women also require a breast lift. Women without significant sagging breasts will usually not see any substantial change to the nipple location. After surgery, the nipple can appear higher than expected due to swelling. Over time, however, the swelling subsides, the breasts drop to a more natural position, and the nipples return to regular placement.

2. What about the breast shape?

Implants are more likely to change the shape of the breasts. The type of implant, size, and implant location can affect the final shape of the breasts. For instance, some women who choose larger saline implants will notice a rounder appearance, especially in the upper pole of the breasts. On the other hand, gummy bear implants provide a more natural, teardrop shape. After surgery, the breasts need time to drop and fluff, so women are encouraged to be patient to see the final results.

3. Changing sensation

Some women report changes in nipple sensitivity or sensation after surgery. The swelling and inflammation that comes after surgery can cause the nipple to feel tender and uncomfortable. In some cases, the nipples temporarily lose some sensitivity. Almost always, sensitivity returns to the breast. However, there are some rare cases of long-term loss of feeling. Factors like implant size and location can cause changes in sensitivity. Incisions around the areola also temporarily impact sensation.

Embrace the change

For most women, there should be no significant change in the nipple location unless there is severe sagging of the nipples before surgery. Augmentation and a breast lift should help return the nipple to a more central location. Some more common changes include the breast shape, size, and possibly nipple sensation. Some of these changes are natural and expected. Breast augmentation has a high success rate. After a full recovery, the new size and shape are a welcome improvement for most patients.


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