Breast Augmentation: How To Prepare & Recover More Quickly

Recovering From Plastic Surgery

Breast augmentation is a popular choice for many women who choose to undergo plastic surgery. While many people consider breast implant procedures commonplace, people should remember that breast augmentation is still regarded as major surgery. As a result, plastic surgeons often give tips to ensure that patients are best prepared for the procedure and can heal quicker during the recovery period.

Stop smoking before surgery

The idea that a surgeon would tell a patient to stop smoking before surgery sounds weird, but the reasons behind the directive are essential. Society knows that smoking can impact how well the lungs and heart can function. But smoking can also affect how the body reacts to anesthesia. Considering that breast augmentation requires full anesthesia that puts a patient to sleep, stopping smoking before the surgery can help improve patient outcomes. Plus, smoking slows healing time which could prolong the recovery period.

Avoid lifting heavy items

Even though breast augmentation is a standard procedure with a recovery period that isn’t as intense as other procedures, some rules still need to be followed. In particular, women recovering from getting breast implants should avoid lifting heavy items or engaging in strenuous activities for six weeks immediately following surgery. Providers will set a 20-pound weight restriction following surgery. Women are encouraged to have a friend or relative help with household chores during the first three days following surgery.

Prepare pain medications in advance

Because breast augmentation is major surgery, pain and discomfort are to be expected during the recovery period. Typically, a patient’s surgeon will provide prescription medications to ease discomfort during the initial few days. Patients are encouraged to have the prescriptions filled before the surgery to ensure all necessary items are on hand in the hours following surgery, especially if undergoing outpatient surgery.

Don’t skimp on sleep and rest

Getting adequate rest is critical to helping the body heal after surgery. Yet, sometimes finding a comfortable position to rest after surgery can be difficult. Women should ensure that bedding includes plenty of pillows to provide proper support. In addition, it is helpful to have books or media on hand to serve as entertainment while on bed rest.

Follow the doctor’s instructions

After surgery, the patient’s plastic surgeon will provide instructions to aid in recovery. Typical recommendations include wearing the recovery bra to assist in pain management and swelling. The provider will explain proper care of surgical incisions as well. Failing to follow directions could prolong recovery or cause complications that might make incisions take longer to heal.

Focus on recovery

Even though breast augmentation is elective surgery, the procedure still requires a recovery process that can be difficult for some people. It is crucial to follow the doctors’ instructions before and during the recovery period to ensure adequate rest and proper healing. Eating healthy foods will also aid in the healing process. If complications do arise, women should be proactive and speak with the doctor to get help immediately.


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