5 Facts About Breast Reduction Surgery: What To Expect

Understanding Breast Reduction Surgery

Breast reduction surgery, also known as reduction mammoplasty, is an operation to reshape the breasts by removing excess fat and tissue. Some people may want to have the procedure for cosmetic reasons. Others may seek surgery to relieve neck or back pain. Either way, here’s what to expect from breast reduction surgery.

1. You won’t talk in terms of cup size

The primary reason for this is that there is no standardized sizing in the bra industry. So the surgeon won’t necessarily speak in terms of cup size. Instead, the surgeon may discuss grams of breast tissue. This can make communication a little trickier. There are about 454 grams in one pound, a stat to keep in mind when discussing the surgery. Patients may also have an easier time talking in terms of proportions.

2. The first few days are the hardest

The most significant pain will occur in the first few days following surgery. Most patients experience soreness for about a week after the operation. Besides pain, however, patients might also experience nipple numbness, itching, or stiffness. Try not to scratch, and the incisions will heal more quickly.

3. Sleeping will look a bit different

To decrease swelling, many patients will choose to sleep with the upper body slightly elevated. Try using several pillows or a special wedge to prop up the upper body. Also, stomach sleepers will have to be patient. During recovery, sleeping on the back is the safest position.

4. High-intensity exercise will be on pause

For many patients, the motivation for a breast reduction is to be able to participate in high-impact activities more easily. However, in the first month or so after surgery, strenuous exercise will not be an option. In fact, clearance from the doctor may not come until the 6-10-week mark. While this can be a period of impatience for avid exercisers, by 6 months, a whole new world of activity will be within reach.

5. You’ll feel a boost of confidence

Studies have shown that the majority of women experience high satisfaction rates after breast reduction surgery. For many women, the procedure means higher levels of confidence long-term. Most women experience a significant boost in psychosocial, sexual, and emotional well-being.

Long-term success

The women most satisfied with the results of breast reduction surgery are the ones who feel prepared. So take the time to ask the surgeon all questions and express all concerns. The most significant thing to expect from breast reduction surgery? Long-term success. For more information about surgical options, speak with a healthcare provider.


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