3 Reasons Men Opt For Plastic Surgery: Common Procedures

The Modern Male’s Affinity For Cosmetic Surgery

Men’s plastic surgery is on an upwards trend with no end in sight. While cosmetic surgery procedures have traditionally been a domain for women, men have been getting in on the action, too. Going under the knife has become a mainstream choice for men of all ages. The allure of the perfectly sculpted body is growing across the world.

1. On the road to abs of steel

For any person, excess body weight around the hips, midsection, and thighs can literally weigh a person down physically and emotionally. For men, a beer belly can affect confidence and lifestyle choices. Liposuctions have become the most common procedure for men. When exercise isn’t enough, liposuction effectively sucks out the fat through a small incision.

2. Avoiding the male bra

Few things make a man more self-conscious than requiring a compression bra for visible breast tissue. Also known as gynecomastia, enlarged breast tissue can be due to fluctuating hormones or hormone therapy. Cosmetic procedures can remove the excess breast tissue for a smoother and more defined chest profile.

3. A quest for the perfect nose

A face is the first thing a person notices about another. For a larger nose or any other perceived irregularity, a rhinoplasty is a common choice for men. The procedure involves opening the nose up at the tip to expose the underlying cartilage and bone. Surgeons can chisel the bridge, septum, and nostrils to achieve the patient’s desired look.

The rise of minimally invasive procedures

For men, time is money, and life is short. Men prefer to stick with minimally or non-invasive procedures over serious overhauls. Everything from injectables to hair removal is increasingly popular among men. Why? Non-invasive procedures have no downtime. No downtime can fit into any man’s rigid schedule.

A note on bro-tox

Unfortunately, men’s wrinkles can be more visible due to men’s larger facial muscles compared to women. Furthermore, men are less likely to have a skincare routine to delay the weakening of the skin. Botulinum toxin injections are becoming more common among men who want a relatively fast and temporary fix for a deep and defined furrow.

Finding your facial harmony

Men’s plastic surgery is an altogether different animal than women’s cosmetic surgery. For men, a few irregularities and flaws can create a distinguished and masculine look. Overcorrections across the face and body can result in a more feminine look, which is ideal for some people. Plastic surgery for men is a balancing act of improving the body without being too obvious. For more information, speak with a plastic surgeon.


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