Top Reasons People Choose Surgery At An ASC Instead Of A Hospital

What Is An ASC?

Ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) are quickly attracting more and more surgical patients. In the past, patients had limited options for surgery. In the past, an operation would often require a stay in the hospital. With today’s technology, more and more procedures can be done on an outpatient basis, meaning patients can return home the same day. Also called outpatient surgery centers or same-day surgery centers, ASCs specialize in outpatient procedures. Every year, the physicians at these facilities perform more than 23 million operations.

Cost savings and transparency

One of the most significant reasons patients opt for ASCs is the cost savings. Because Medicare pays smaller amounts to these surgery centers than hospitals, the cost to the patient often decreases as well. Most outpatient surgical centers also practice rate transparency, meaning that patients know the estimated price before opting to have the surgery done.

Your time is valuable

Ambulatory surgery centers strive for efficiency in scheduling and use of resources. Because ASCs are not performing emergency procedures like hospitals, most surgeries at these facilities start on time. Because operations are scheduled in advance, the center can plan appropriately for staffing and availability of recovery rooms.

Accessibility and comfortability

Speaking of recovery rooms, the size of ASCs compared to hospitals means that patients can recuperate after surgery in a more relaxed, friendly environment. Patients and families have easy access to registration, waiting rooms, and recovery rooms, all in one location.

Personalized care

ASCs have low infection rates and high satisfaction rates. Surgeries are rarely delayed or rescheduled. Physicians can provide personalized care and more considerable attention to each patient. Because these facilities are smaller than hospitals, ASCs can often hone quality improvement processes to ensure that patients are getting the very best experience possible.

What procedures are done at ASCs?

A growing number of procedures are available on an outpatient basis. In recent decades, up to 65% of surgeries in the US were outpatient procedures. Many knee, shoulder, and spine surgeries can be performed as outpatient and with minimally invasive techniques. Some of the most common procedures at ambulatory surgery centers include cataract surgeries, upper GI endoscopies, and colonoscopies.

Is ASC surgery right for you?

Depending on the specific procedure and surgical candidate, outpatient surgery centers are just as safe, if not safer, than procedures done in the hospital. The facilities have proven to be beneficial even for older patients, with more patients aged 65-84 opting for surgery at an ASC over the hospital. To learn more about scheduling surgery at an ambulatory surgery center, speak with a healthcare provider.


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