3 Tips For Managing Pain After Same-Day Joint Replacement Surgery

A New Approach to Joint Replacement Surgery

Same-day joint replacement surgery, also known as outpatient surgery, is a surgical procedure used to replace the joints of the knee, hip, and shoulder. The surgery is done in one day, and patients can go home the same day. The procedure has been around for a few years, but same-day joint replacement surgery has only recently become more popular. Some of the benefits include how quickly the procedure can be performed and faster recovery time. Below are three of the best ways to manage pain after same-day joint replacement surgery.

1. Rehabilitation promptly after surgery

Rehabilitation helps patients regain strength and motion after same-day joint replacement surgery. Rehabilitation will begin soon after the surgery in the hospital and continue based on the needs of each patient. General rehabilitation treatment includes physical therapy exercises for 20-30 minutes, 2-4 times a day. In addition, 30-minute walking intervals periodically will also be recommended, along with at-home exercises.

2. Pain medication

With same-day joint replacement surgery, much of the recovery period will be primarily at home. Once the surgery concludes, the doctor will prescribe certain pain medications to manage pain at home. For example, acetaminophen, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), muscle relaxants or opiates are often prescribed to same-day joint replacement surgery patients. To avoid any unexpected side effects of the medications, consult with the prescribing physician before taking any medication.

3. Compression stockings and cold treatment

Same-day joint replacement surgery patients are often required to wear compression stockings to reduce pain and swelling. Compression stockings should be worn for at least 2 weeks after surgery. Stockings can help prevent blood clots, reduce swelling, and offer pain relief. Other pain relief techniques are ice packs and cold compresses. Cold compresses effectively reduce swelling and inflammation in your joint after surgery. Your physician may recommend using an ice pack or cold compression 3-4 times a day for around 20 minutes. Discuss the use of cold treatment with the healthcare provider for exact instructions.

Select the best pain management technique

Same-day joint replacement surgery can provide patients with high-quality outcomes that reduce pain and lead to better mobility. The proper pain relief treatment can vary based on each person. Consult the physician to discuss the best pain management plan for a successful same-day joint replacement surgery.


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