What Is A Trigger Point Injection? Treatment For Chronic Neck Pain

Trigger Point Injections Provide Relief

Trigger point injections are used to treat painful areas of muscle that irritate nerves and cause pain. These trigger points can be very painful and cause tenderness and motor dysfunction. For many patients with chronic neck pain, trigger point injections provide significant relief.

All about the trigger points in your neck

Trigger points are knots within the neck muscles that have become bundled together and cause a significant amount of pain. Physicians can find trigger points by feeling the skin and muscles. Trigger points will be painful upon palpation by a physician and can also cause a twitch response from the patient.

What is a trigger point injection?

A trigger point injection is an injection directly into the trigger point for pain management. Medications used during a trigger point injection include anesthetics, a corticosteroid medication, or a mixture of both.

Treatment for chronic pain

Trigger points are discrete bands of muscle that produce pain locally and often accompany chronic musculoskeletal disorders. Trigger point injections are used to treat many muscle groups, including the lower back, legs, arms, and neck. When a patient has a painful trigger point, especially one that radiates and causes symptoms such as chronic leg, back, or neck pain, a trigger point injection may be necessary. Many patients have tried other treatments for pain without relief. Trigger point injections alleviate the chronic pain that has not responded to other treatments.

What happens during the procedure?

While the technique can vary, generally, a patient lies down on the exam table, the healthcare provider locates the trigger points by manual palpation and marks the site. The injection site is then cleaned and numbed. A needle is inserted at the trigger point, and medication is injected.

Risk factors to know

There is a low risk of complication from a trigger point injection. Temporary soreness or numbness at the injection site is the most common side effect. Uncommon side effects include bleeding or infection.

Do trigger point injections work?

For many patients, trigger point injections offer immediate pain relief and improved range of motion for people with chronic neck pain. However, trigger point injections affect each patient differently. The level of pain relief will depend on the patient. Chronic neck pain affects millions of people, causing trigger point tenderness and motor dysfunction. Trigger point injections are considered to be one of the most effective treatments to provide prompt relief. For more information, speak with a healthcare provider.


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