Is Yoga A Good Way To Build Hip Strength After Total Joint Replacement Surgery?

What Is Total Joint Replacement Surgery?

Total joint replacement (TJR) surgery is a procedure for patients with damaged bone and cartilage around the major joints. This surgery commonly treats joints in the knee, shoulder, or hip. During surgery, doctors remove the damaged tissue or bone and replace with a prosthetic device made of metal, plastic, or ceramic. After surgery, doctors encourage patients to incorporate exercise into the recovery process to strengthen the joints.

The recovery process

Each patient will have a unique recovery process, depending on the type of surgery performed. Integrating an exercise regimen during the recovery period can help speed up healing. Typically, doctors warn against participating in too many high-impact activities like running or jogging. Instead, doctors recommend light exercise and activity, especially during the first month after surgery.

Can yoga help with recovery?

Yoga is a holistic practice combining elements of breath work, bodily movement, and meditation. The practice focuses on different body poses while deep breathing to build up endurance. Yoga is a low-impact activity designed to improve flexibility, endurance, strength, and overall quality of life. Practicing yoga can help patients recovering from total joint replacement surgery build strength, improve alignment, and heal. There are various types of yoga practices, like Bikram, Ashtanga, and Kundalini, to name a few. The surgeon can best advise what practice to choose during recovery.

The best poses for recovery

There are a few poses patients can do that focus primarily on the hip and power body area. These poses include the low lunge, child’s pose, hip rotations, and happy baby. Any poses that cause pain should be stopped immediately. Yoga can be practiced under the guidance of an instructor or at home. However, patients recovering from hip replacement surgery should work with a qualified yoga instructor to prevent mishaps.

Can a physical therapist be my instructor?

A physical therapist is a licensed health professional that works with patients to develop a treatment plan with exercises to help the patient recover. Some physical therapists incorporate yoga practices into a patient’s care plan. Some therapists work as yoga instructors and operate out of a private studio.

Yoga can help

Patients should always speak with a doctor before beginning a new exercise regimen. Patients recovering from hip replacement surgery may need special guidance and instruction when exercising. If approved to proceed with yoga, most patients find the practice beneficial during total joint replacement recovery.


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