How Do Athletes Recovery So Fast? Learn About Rapid Recovery Surgery

The Need For Surgery

No matter the sport, athletes undergo lots of wear and tear. The physical trauma caused by constant high-impact activity can wreak havoc on the body. Athletes are strong but not indestructible. Therefore, surgery is often necessary to repair parts of the body that are not functioning correctly.

What is rapid recovery surgery?

Rapid recovery surgery is a broad term for a comprehensive approach to traditional surgery. This term refers to the actual surgical procedure along with pre-and post-surgical activity. Rapid recovery surgeries can include hip replacements, knee replacements, and breast augmentations. The benefits of this surgery are reduced downtime and faster healing.

What is a rapid recovery surgical procedure?

Rapid recovery surgical procedures are not as invasive as traditional surgical procedures. The surgical incisions are smaller and less noticeable. Doctors also use advanced tools like an arthroscope and new surgical techniques to perform the surgery. These innovations reduce blood loss, scarring, and length of surgery. Many patients are released from the hospital on the same day as the procedure.

What is rapid recovery pain management?

Medicine is a vital part of the surgical recovery process. However, patients can develop unnecessary dependencies on medication. A rapid recovery approach can include IV therapy, oral medications, and other treatments like platelet-rich plasma. These treatments speed up the healing process by reducing pain and can reduce the need for opioid/opiate medications.

How do you prepare for rapid recovery surgery?

Doctors usually encourage patients to exercise before the surgery date. The patient can work with a physical therapist to learn exercises that strengthen the muscles and joints around the surgical area. Athletes typically recover more quickly from surgery because muscles and joints surrounding the affected area are strong and work to protect the area while healing.

What happens after surgery?

Since most patients in a rapid recovery program leave the facility the same day, patients can start the recovery process. Patients can begin working with a physical therapist right away. A physical therapist will emphasize early mobilization, getting the patient active and moving around. Early mobilization reduces blood clots and other complications associated with bed rest.

Should I talk to my doctor about rapid recovery surgery?

Patients interested in this surgical approach should consult with a physician. Surgery is a major event and only a physician can determine if someone is a candidate for rapid recovery procedures. Consult a specialist to choose the best options for treatment.


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